Court Booking Rules


****Due to COVID-19, all members, guest and public players MUST create an account and sign the COVID-19 waiver.  Please click HERE to register as a guest****

Office Hours

During the indoor season from October - April, the office is staffed from 8:00 am until 11:00 pm Monday to Sunday.  Holiday hours will be posted onsite and on the website. During the outdoor season, office hours are limited. They will be announced at the end of April and posted onsite and on the website.


• Members and guests MUST check in at the office before proceeding to the courts (indoor only).

• No spectators allowed to wait in annex or on court.

• Proper tennis attire, including non-marking tennis shoes, is required.

• Names of those checking in must match those that appear on the booking.

• Players must wait in the annex until the prior court time has expired and the buzzer has sounded (indoor only). Players must use the curtained walkway to access courts 1 through 4. 

• A maximum of four players are allowed on the court (including coaching courts and when using Courts 5 or 6 for ball machine or serving practice). Each must be a registered member or paying guest. 

• Non-playing spectators, including parents or other family members, are not allowed on the courts.

• No more than 6 balls may be used on any court, except on Courts 5 or 6 (Courts 6 or 7 outdoor) with nets drawn.

• Please wait inside the annex if you arrive early for your booking.

• Wait for a break in play before retrieving a ball or returning a ball from another court by using your racket or feet only.   Or, wait for it to be returned to you.

• Avoid shouting, loud grunting, and swearing, which can disturb others.

• Smoking is not permitted inside or around the bubble, courts and clubhouse.

• Children and pets may not be left unsupervised on club premises.

Unauthorized coaching is not permitted; only Club Coaches are authorized to coach.  Immediate family members of juniors, all of whom are members of BTC, may coach each other.  


Prime Time Hours:

Monday to Friday - 6pm to 11pm

Saturday to Sunday - 8am to 5pm

Non-Prime Time Hours

Monday to Friday - 8am to 6pm

Saturday to Sunday - 5pm to 11pm



Reserving Courts

• courts may be reserved up to 7 days in advance, for 1 or 2 hour blocks at a time.

• Courts may also be booked on a 24-hour basis (see “24-Hour Bookings”).

• Bookings start at 00 and 30 minutes.  Please see the booking page upon sign in for court times.

• Two names are required to book a court, one of which may be a guest name.

• Members cannot hold courts using their name or another member's name to swap them for others if they do not intend to play.

• Names of all those who will be playing – including guests – must be added to the booking no later than 48-hours prior to the court time. Thereafter, name changes are not allowed.

• A guest may never be replaced with a member; however, a member may be replaced by a guest, subject to guest fees and playing limits.

• Members may not play as guests with a public court booking.

Booking Restrictions

• Members are limited to a maximum of 8 hours of playing time for each 7-day period (Monday to Sunday).

• Members may not play more than 2 hours in a row.

• Members may not have more than 4 hours in open bookings at a time; up to two of these hours may be in prime time. Additional bookings may be made as hours are played off.

• The weekly maximum of 8 hours includes 24-hour bookings and ladder matches (ladder matches must use regular time)

• The weekly maximum does not include competitive or social doubles nights, league matches, junior programs, or Early Bird.

• Members playing competitive or social doubles may not book courts during the 2 hours prior to these events

• Prime and non prime hours will vary by court for the 2021/22 season due to staggering times due to 90 min booking.  Please see the booking page upon sign in for prime and non-prime hours by court.  

Juniors (18 and Under)

• Juniors may not book in prime time unless the booking includes an adult club member.

24-Hour Bookings

• Members may book a court up to 24-hours in advance for 1 hour (prime or non-prime time) online or by calling the office; in-person booking is not allowed until 24 hours out has passed.  Please note: that 2 hour 24 hour bookings are no longer allowed on the same or different court.    

• 24 hour bookings count towards the weekly booking maximum of 8 hours but not towards the 4 hours maximum of open bookings allowed (see “Booking Restrictions”).

• Only two - one hour bookng or one - one and a half (1.5)24 hour bookings are allowed OR one - one and half (1.5) 24 hour booking per week.  You may not exceed the 2 hour maximum.  

• Names of all players, including guests, must be included at the time of the booking; thereafter, name changes and additions are not allowed.

• Members may not have more than one 24-hour booking at a time; each booking must be played off before another can be booked.

• Members who have used their maximum allowable 24 hour bookings may book a same day court using their available regular hours.  Members must call the office to book.


Except for 24-hour bookings, cancellations are permitted up to 24 hours prior to the court time.

Cancellations less than 24 hours prior to the court time may result in a court fee charge. 

NOTE: In the case of an emergency (e.g., an unexpected illness) members must contact the office.

Members may not cancel a court time and subsequently re-book or play in the cancelled time slot.This includes a booking that partially or completely overlaps with the same time period.

Cancellations that frequently inconvenience and/or show a lack of consideration for others will be treated as a rules violation.


Court 6 is the designated coaching court. Coaches have priority on Court 6 until 24 hours before a designated court time, at which point the court is made available for member booking.

Unauthorized coaching is not permitted; only Club Coaches are authorized to coach.  Immediate family members of juniors, all of whom are members of BTC, may coach each other.  


• BTC welcomes guests, who may play up to twice per month for a total of 4 hours per month.

• All guests must check in at the front desk, present picture ID, be registered in the booking system and pay the required guest fee. Members are responsible for ensuring that guests abide by these procedures and will be responsible for unpaid guest fees.

***NEW*** The guest fee is based on a portion of the total court fee of $30 per hour.  (prime and non-prime fees are no longer differentiated.)

• If a court is cancelled less than 24 hours before the court time, the member is liable for the guest fee.

• Guests have full use of all facilities when accompanied by a club member.

Ball Machine and Serving

• Ball machine and serving practice bookings are available on a 12-hour basis only on Courts 5 & 6 (during the winter bubble season) for a maximum of 1 hour- for Members Only, fees apply.

• Personal ball machines are prohibited

• Public and Pay and Play may not book the ball machine.


Pay and Play

• Access to dedicated Pay & Pay court #1 up to 7 days in advance on a pay-per-use basis at the prevailing court rate

• Access to court #2 Monday to Friday before 3pm, Saturday and Sunday after 3pm, if available

• Access to any court under 24 hours, if available

• Does NOT include weekly club doubles play

• Court Fees (log in to account to see prime and non prime hours):

     • Monday to Sunday- $30 / hour 

• To view the full rules, click  on the link Pay and Play Court Booking Rules 

Public Bookings

Please click HERE for full information.  

Unauthorized coaching is not permitted; only Club Coaches are authorized to coach.  Public players may coach immediate family players only.  



BTC members and their guests are expected to abide by all rules, regulations, and BTC’s Code of Conduct.  Those found in contravention of Rules or the Code of Conduct will be subject to the following:

First offence: Warning letter.

Second offence: No booking or playing privileges for 1 week.

Third offence: Membership suspended or revoked (based on Board decision).