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Tennis 3.0 Clinics (15+ years old)

Our 3.0 clinics will teach one to win singles and doubles points by using spin to control the arc of the ball; start points by serving to an opponent's weak side and return with a variety of placements (crosscourt, line, lob); maintain a crosscourt exchange by sending and receiving balls with topspin. At net, pressure opponents with direction and respond to lobs with an overhead. We will also introduce consistent slice skills.  

Coach to student Ratio: 4 to 1

Fee: $315 + GST

Payment: An invoice will be sent to you after registering. Payment can be made via e-transfer to  or 778-885-7028. Registration is not finalized until payment has been received. 

*Please note that an assessment is required for eligibility to register for any adult programs other than the 1.0 program.   If you accidentally registered in the program without an assessment, you may be deregistered.  Please contact Coach Jack Xiao at for more information.




Code Program Age Description Note Day Time Start Date End Date Weeks Avail Spots Member Price Non-Member Price Status


  • Adult Tennis 3.0 Clinics

    Age: Start at 15

  • Description: 2.1
  • Note: Registration is not finalized until payment has been received. $315 + GST
  • Day and Time : Sat 8:30 - 9:55pm
  • Date : Jul. 9 to Aug. 20
  • Weeks: 6
  • Avail Spots: 0
  • Prices
    Member Price : $0.00,
    Non-Member Price: $0.00
  • Closed Jul 06, 2022

Adult Tennis 3.0 Clinics

Start at 15


Registration is not finalized until payment has been received. $315 + GST


8:30 - 9:55pm

Jul. 9

Aug. 20





Closed Jul 06, 2022